Sunday, December 19, 2004

"Cooking is the World of Discovery"

Day 2 of the basement reclamation project. (Which is why I haven't added anything in almost two days.) We've been in this house for a little over 2 years, and some boxes are finally being unpacked. Some, of course, are remaining packed and instead are being squirreled away under the stairs. But at least they're no longer piled against the far wall (and occasionally creeping out into the middle of the room). Three bookshelves went up. Three bookshelves were immediately filled. (You might even say "overfilled.")

Part of the basement reclamation project will involve throwing out stuff. For instance, we have two microwave ovens that must go. One I got as recently as last year, but it quickly stopped working, except for two buttons: the "STOP" button and the "POPCORN" button. The "POPCORN" button was sort of a joke anyway, because this microwave was of such low wattage that it rarely produced a full bag of popcorn. Generally we got half a bag of popcorn and half a bag of unpopped kernels. The "POPCORN" button, however, was the only way we could get the microwave to operate. None of the other buttons would work.

Last week for her birthday my wife received a new microwave from yours truly. No, not diamonds. But she was thrilled, and has said repeatedly for the last week "I love my new microwave." Honest, guys.

The first thing cooked in it, of course, was a bag of popcorn, which popped completely and cemented my wife's strong relationship with the microwave.

There was a bonus item bundled with the microwave: a "5 piece cooking bowl set." And so for today's entertainment I will share with you the mangled English printed on the box of cooking bowls (made in China).
Cooking is the world of discovery After all the necessary materials gather, the taste depends on your skill only.It's pleasure to see what dishes will appear.

Oddly enough, the package is covered with instructions and warnings, but the copy above is the only portion that hinted at its source of origin. The rest was perfect English.

This evening we have a Christmas party to attend, and I have decided to attempt stuffed mushrooms. The necessary materials have gathered and now the taste depends on my skill only.

UPDATE: I am pleased to report that the stuffed mushrooms were a hit.


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