Sunday, January 16, 2005

Am I too old for this?

I keep thinking that I'll eventually get around to posting a "Top 10 CDs of 2004" list like everyone else is doing, but I'm still busy collecting 2004 albums. For now, though, let me leave you with a couple of my favorites from last year.

This one took me by surprise. "Fight the Tide," the second CD from Sanctus Real, sounds a bit more polished than their first CD, "Say it Loud," but it's still the same loud alterna-rock, with a few slower numbers thrown in for good measure. The CD is filled with infectious, radio-ready songs that make for an enjoyable listen -- even when the band cranks it up. You can download two full tracks (and order the CD) at The Discerning Reader. If you like those two tracks, I'm sure you'll like the whole CD. Just go ahead and order it.

There's also no reason that a guy like me -- who's nearly 40 years old -- should be listening to pop-punk like Hawk Nelson. I'm a little too old for songs about high school. And yet "Letters to the President" has been spending a lot of time in my CD player, and I have no excuse. Unless you've completely exorcised your inner teen, "California" and "Every Little Thing" will stick in your head, and you'll probably find yourself singing along. "From Underneath" is a tender song about forgiveness, and the plinky toy piano that opens the song hooked me right away. (Whatever happened to Pianosaurus anyway?) But see for yourself -- two songs are available for download here. If you enjoy Relient K or FM Static, just go ahead and buy it.

Am I too old to be listening to music like this?


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