Thursday, January 27, 2005

Feingold speaks, the Cap Times swoons

The Capital Times says that if Senator Feingold opposes Alberto Gonzales, why then, Democrats and Republicans alike should pay attention! Because Feingold, The Capital Times says, has a longstanding record of non-partisanship.

When it comes to the confirmation of Cabinet members, U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., casts the most critical vote.

That is why the fact that he joined fellow Judiciary Committee members to oppose the nomination of White House counsel Alberto Gonzales as attorney general should be seen by the rest of the Senate, and the nation, as an indication that Gonzales cannot be allowed to take charge of the Department of Justice.

Why is Feingold's vote so significant? For the simple reason that no other senator brings to Cabinet confirmation debates Feingold's record of nonpartisanship.

Feingold nonpartisan? Says who? Says Feingold!

"My votes may not have always pleased my political supporters, or my party's leadership," he explains. "But in carrying out my part in the constitutional scheme, as one who is asked to advise on and consent to a president's nominations, I am guided by my conscience and by the history and practices of the United States Senate. Rejecting a Cabinet nominee is a very rare event. The decision to do so must never be taken lightly." Thus, when Feingold voted Wednesday against the Gonzales nomination, it could not be read as a partisan gesture.

I like that "thus" in there. Feingold's assertion that he's non-partisan is absolute proof to the Cap Times. He says he's not partisan, thus, he's not. QED.

Before the Gonzales nomination is considered by the full Senate, wavering Democrats and Republicans who are generally inclined to back President Bush should reflect on Feingold's concerns. If Alberto Gonzales failed to pass the Feingold test, then, surely, he should not be confirmed as attorney general.

So if Feingold says he's against Gonzales, why, everyone should pay attention! As for the Capital Times, pay no attention at all. The Cap Times editorial board can't even be bothered to analyze the matter. They simply reprint Senator Feingold's press releases and call them "editorials."

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I'm going to link this as an addendum to a post on the Dem memo on judicial obstruction, Drew.


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