Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Turned on by Bush-hatred!

I've often wondered how the lefties can sustain such a high degree of hatred for George Bush. Why do they continue to wallow in it? What is the drive that keeps it going?

I think Almost Daily has it figured out. For the left, Bush-hatred is a form of pornography.


The real damage of porn, we are told, is the objectification of the woman: she is no longer viewed as a person, but merely the means to an end, an object for enjoyment. In the porn of the left, George W. Bush is objectified into something inhuman, incapable of even the most commonplace of human traits. He is the vessel into which the left can thrust their hatred again and again, making wild claims and flinging lunacy upon lunacy in an orgy of twisted logic and foul, squirming lies.

Addiction to porn can render one incapable of engaging in real relationships. One wonders if the left can put such sordid obsessions aside and enter into a real conversation with the American people ever again. Or will they descend ever deeper into the spiral of hate, becoming more deluded with each passing hate-filled ejaculation, until they fade into a syphilitic coma, rendering their party impotent and ultimately, irrelevent.

Well done!


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