Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Don't Stop Thinkin' About Tomorrow!

Stephen Green at Vodkapundit links to this article at NewsMax, calling it "the first salvo in the 2008 Democratic primary race."

Go. Read. Put a smile on your face.

The widely shared theory of this election cycle is that the Clinton cronies of the Democratic Party don't want John Kerry to win so that Hillary can run in 2008. That group would include people like DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe, the detestable James Carville, and a host of others who are now working for the Kerry campaign.

Every time I consider the ineptness of the Kerry campaign, I wonder whether someone isn't trying to destroy it from the inside. Someone convinced John Kerry that constantly talking about Vietnam would work to his advantage. Someone helped write his terrible "Reporting for Duty" convention speech. Someone convinced him to adopt all the moonbat rhetoric of the lunatic left. Someone suggested that the way to win is to start being nastier, maybe even drag Dick Cheney's daughter into the debate.

Defying conventional wisdom, someone convinced him that choosing John Edwards as a running mate would add some weight to the ticket.

Unbelieveably, someone suggested that he throw around a football while photographers snap pictures at nearly every campaign stop because it would make him look like a regular guy.

When Joe Lieberman sounds like a Bush supporter while stumping for Kerry; when Bill Clinton praises President Bush, John McCain, and Kerry's former opponent, William Weld, and is all but absent on the campaign trail this year, . . .

. . . well, you just have to wonder if there might be something to that crazy theory about Democrats deciding long ago to throw this one and set up Hillary for a run in 2008.


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