Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Moore: Bush-supporting students are "pathetic assholes."

Ann Althouse points us to this story in the Badger Herald, a student newspaper from UW-Madison, regarding Michael Moore's "Slacker Uprising Tour."

The "Slacker Uprising Tour" blew through Madison (the Berkeley of the Midwest) Saturday night.

Fiery and profane, Moore repeatedly lashed out at the Bush administration for falsely leading the United States to war in Iraq. He labeled Bush a “war criminal” and suggested the president be led out of the White House in handcuffs.

“There are no weapons of mass destruction, there is no connection to 9/11, and there will be a draft next year if Bush wins,” Moore asserted. “George W. Bush — I’ve never seen a more disgraceful individual in my life.”

Standard Moore boilerplate.

“Republicans have to work really hard because they know they represent the minority viewpoint in this country now,” Moore said.

I really need to spend some time analyzing that statement. I don't think it's true that Republicans/Conservatives are in the minority. I'm sure it's a liberal fantasy that they represent the majority, but I'd love some data. Anyone want to work on that?

During the early portions of Moore’s speech, a group of students supporting President Bush emerged on the northwest corner of the Terrace, chanting “four more years” to compete with cries of “two more weeks” from the rest of the crowd.

Moore unleashed a profane tirade against the Bush sympathizers, blaming them for sending “poor kids from Milwaukee” to fight in Iraq. The filmmaker labeled the pro-Bush crowd “pathetic assholes,” among other expletives.

. . .

The pro-Bush crowd disbanded approximately halfway through Moore’s speech. One member of the audience was arrested for throwing the liquid contents of a plastic pitcher at the Bush supporters, the UW Police Department reported.

Anyone surprised that Michael Moore's youth brigade attacked Bush supporters? Wonder if the attackers were wearing brown shirts?


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