Sunday, November 07, 2004

"America is wide awake and dreaming"

One of the best parts of joining the blog-world has been discovering all the great writers and thinkers. The blogosphere is a vast resevoir of knowledge and wisdom, the greatest part of which remains untapped.

This weekend I discovered The Anchoress, and have been browsing through her posts, enjoying what I've read. After five days of reading about how awful America is for reelecting President Bush, this particular entry made me stand up a little straighter and hold my head up a little higher.

"Both spiritually and philosophically, Europe is asleep, because it wants to be. But it's a terrible sleep, because it is a sleep without dreams, and everyone knows that sleep without dreams leads only to madness and a terrible decay. America is not asleep. In fact, America is wide awake and bustling and busy and creating and building. Yes, I know, the hard work idea again, I know you don't like it, but a body at rest stays at rest. America is wide awake and moving . . . and even still, somehow, she dares to dream. America is dreaming, even now."

These words are powerful and wise. Though written back in August, this entry is a great response to the rancor I've been reading this week. It is also timeless. I recommend that you make The Anchoress part of your daily stroll through the blogosphere.

(And I'm not saying that just because she linked to me.)


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