Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Another "first" for the baby!

Thanks for all the advice on various diaper rash remedies. I bought everything they had at Walgreens. None of them were working. Last night while I was feeding her, Lid filled her diaper with the usual ghastly substance, and then began shrieking because having poo on her already blistered bottom only made things worse.

I put Lid in the tub for awhile, and then let her toddle around the kitchen naked, hoping that the oozing sores on her butt would benefit from being open to the air and perhaps dry up. Because she just wanted to sit down and scratch herself, it was quite difficult. I had to hold her hands away from her butt all through the tub-soaking, and then all the while she ran around the kitchen naked. She was in tears and I was a wreck. And her butt sores were still oozing so badly that none of the cremes would even stay on.

And then my sainted wife arrived home from work, and I said "Let's take her to the after-hours clinic." She agreed.

The doctor on call took one look at Lid's butt and said "Oh, that's a yeast infection." Then he gave us a perscription for some oral anti-fungal agent, and some gunk he called "Butt Spackle" (Which I guess is different from "Butt Paste," . . . somehow).

And less than 24 hours later I can declare that there is a major improvement to her hinder.

But now we've achieved another milestone. Baby's first yeast infection! Put that in the baby book, honey!


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