Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Stop the Gummy Madness!

Okay, enough deathblogging.

Let's talk about Gummy candy. When Gummy Bears first appeared in U.S. candy aisles, they were a big hit. Kids went nuts over 'em. Heck, there was even a freakin' cartoon. But the makers of gummy candy didn't stop at bears. There have been fish, worms, bugs, penguins, octopuses, race cars, fried eggs, sharks, rats, and countless permutations of the chewy confection.

Tonight, on a mission to Wal-Mart, I discovered Gummy Road Kill. They come in three shapes: squashed squirrels, squashed snakes, and squashed chickens, each with a little tire track across its back.

(Hmmm. Come to think of it, this probably counts as deathblogging, too.)


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