Sunday, December 12, 2004

Democrats watch more television than Republicans

After the 2000 election, Republican campaign strategists made an interesting discovery. It seems Democrats watch more television than Republicans.
The Republicans' data, compiled by Scarborough Research, a leading market research firm, showed that nationally, Democratic voters were 15 percent more likely on average to be watching television than Republican voters. The research did not investigate the reasons for the lopsided viewing, but some analysts surmised that it had to do with Republicans not trusting the broadcast networks and with more programming being aimed at women, who tend to vote Democratic.

In analyzing the marketing research futher, other interesting statistics emerged:

  • Republicans turn off their televisions earlier in the evening. Republican who do stay up to watch the late shows are more likely to watch Jay Leno. Democrats tend to watch David Letterman.

  • Democrats are more likely to go to the movies than Republicans.

  • Republicans in the 18-34 age group are more likely to go to health clubs.

  • Porsche owners tend to be Republicans. Volvo owners tend to be Democrats.

Perhaps most surprising:

One of the shows most popular with Republicans, especially Republican women ages 18 to 34, turned out to be "Will & Grace."


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