Monday, December 27, 2004

Parents sell children's toys on eBay

Jib recently talked about how important the word "no" is for children to hear from their parents.
No must be firm, and it must be meant. When the child disobeys 'no', there must be consequences for that action. I'm open to various parenting techniques when it comes to the consequences, but it must be swift and real.

Here are some parents who get it. (Hat tip: Dummocrats)


At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This story kind of goes along with saying "no" and relying on the government to police what is appropriate for my child through various rating systems.
When I was eleven years old, my sister and I went out and bought AC/DC's latest album with some money we had gotton for Christmas. At that time, there wasn't (ineffective) warning labels on albums and my parents thought that AC/DC was referring to batteries. That is...
...until we played it on our stereo system which at that time was in our family room. The "stereo" was one of those old-fashioned cabinets with the sliding top that had a record player and radio inside. A nice old piece of furniture that was more accustomed to playing Barry Manilow and Barbara Striesand rather than rock albums. Anyway, the needle hit vinyl and the title track, "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" roared. My parents cautiously digested this new found genre of music, but by the time we got to "Big Balls", they new that the record was inappropriate for us and had to go... And it did, right back to the Pamida's music department where we were allowed to exchange it for Bob and Doug McKenzie's Christmas album.
The point in all this is even though my parent's initally (if naively) allowed us to purchase the album; they weren't afraid to tell us "NO, you can't keep the album." (Also note that they were around to listen to what we were listening to - instead of being in another part of the house unaware of our doings).
Take what you will from it.


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