Sunday, December 26, 2004

Blogs: Your First News Source

I find that more and more blogs have become my initial news source. Maybe it's because we have a small child, but we rarely sit down to watch a news broadcast anymore. And if I ever do buy a newspaper, I'm usually looking at movie reviews and comics.

Case in point: It was only by checking in with Jib this morning that I heard of Reggie White's passing. I will now likely check out other news sources for more information, but it was the blogosphere that told me about it first. Obviously Jib heard it first via a traditional news outlet; or even if he read it first on another blog, that blogger might have heard it first by the mainstream news. But either way, it may be that blogs get news out more quickly to more people. They're a modern public green.

Is this a growing trend, or is it just me?

Jib says:
Packer fans will mourn Reggie deeply. Reggie's unfathomable decision to come to Green Bay made football in the city and the state respectable again. Not only was he a great football player, but he gave credibility to every single person in that locker room. Rarely have I seen any professional sports team which so openly embraced God. . . . Our heart breaks that we will not have him periodically in our lives for the years to come, and our hearts break for all who knew and loved Reggie personally.


More: Reggie White Remembered.


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