Monday, December 20, 2004

The Twenty Most-Annoying Liberals of 2004

John Hawkins at Right Wing News has his annual round-up of the 20 Most Annoying Liberals of the year, and it's quite a list. Last year, Hawkins dug deep to come up with folks like James Moran, Mark Morford, and Ibrahim Hooper--all names that caused me to pause and ask "Who?" But this year it's a sure bet you've heard of every one of these people. The lefty moonbats were in such rarified form in 2004 that it had to be tough sticking to just a "Top 20." So tough was the competition that Terry McAuliffe and Lawrence "Creepy Liar" O'Donnell didn't make the cut and had to settle for Honorable Mentions.

(Hat Tip: Betsy's Page)


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