Thursday, January 27, 2005

Evangelical Blog Awards

Eric over at the Evangelical Underground is hosting the First Annual Evangelical Blog Awards and is taking nominations in a variety of categories until February 14th.

The Anchoress may be surprised to learn that as a Catholic, she's been nominated in the "Best Evangelical Blog - Politics" category. (Yep, she noticed!) I like her response:

I'm tickled about it because it says something that a blog with a strong Catholic vibe is included in the mix. I'm really happy to see the growing respect and acceptance between Catholics and Evangelicals in America. There is still a ways to go, of course, but if President Bush and his brother Jeb (who is Catholic) can get it together, there is no reason why Catholics and Evangelicals cannot continue to grow in mutual regard and purpose!


(By the way, feel free to nominate "Darn Floor" for . . . hmm . . . not sure I fit into any of those categories very well.)


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