Thursday, January 20, 2005

Voter Fraud in Racine

Part of the problem with this Wisconsin voter fraud issue, which may or may not be simply major incompetence on the part of election officials, is that by the time election officials get around to finally responding to requests for records for the purpose of verification, the President-elect will have already been sworn in. Seems to me that if you're an election official and you know that fraud has allowed your favored candidate to take your district, all you need to do is delay, delay, delay, and soon it will be too late to do anything about it.

For example, in Racine. (Hat tip: Jib / Badger Blog Alliance)

I talked to the Racine County GOP Chairman, Lou D'Abbraccio, who is waiting on voter records from the Racine City Clerk and expects them by the end of the month. His intent is to compare them to death, real estate, and felon lists.

Of most concern for Mr. D'Abbraccio is thirty vanloads of voters brought in by liberal activists. Most of these voters had no ID or utility bills and it was the liberal activists themselves who vouched for them as residents -- as allowed by law -- allowing them to vote. At one point things got so ugly regarding challenges that the Attorney General had to intervene. It seems the people who vouched for the ID-less were refusing to sign a particular form swearing these voters were residents. The AG told them it was required and if they were found lying it was a federal offense. They refused to sign, the vans stopped coming, but hundreds had gotten through.

("Stranded on Blue Islands" is another blogger researching an issue the news media doesn't seem to want to touch.)


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