Monday, February 07, 2005

The Blogger Bowl

Getting into the spirit of America's unofficial holiday, Kris at Dummocrats selects the players and staff for the All Right Wing Blogger Bowl.

A sampling:

Defensive Tackle: James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web Today. I think of defensive lineman as being a fairly repetitive position. Similarly, Taranto does the same thing every day and even includes a fair number of running items (who can forget "the haughty, French-looking Senator who, by the way, served in Vietnam"?) in every column.

Right Linebacker: Michelle Malkin takes the spot. She covers a lot of ground, whether it is through her travels or through the variety of topics she's able write intelligently about. Plus, she's tough and aggressive and not afraid of players who are bigger than her (witness her battles with Chris Matthews).

Free Safety: Like players of old, we're tabbing Ann Althouse to play on both sides of the line. She's the Deion Sanders of the blogging. As a moderate, she's demonstrated sufficient flexibility to be effective on both offense and defense. Additionally, we believe this position gives her enough freedom to flourish and produce on the field.

Punter: Andrew Sullivan is, naturally, our punter. Like a kicker, the punter is often ostracized. Additionally, you kind of associate the punter with failure, much like Sullivan associated himself with Kerry at the height of his popularity, only to see that ship slowly sink.


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