Saturday, March 12, 2005

Life's Little Irritations

Doug kindly offers a brief list of people who suck.

Among them is this one:

People who use "creative" tones for the ringer on their cell phone who do not pick up after the first ring.

I would have cut it off at: "People who use 'creative' ring tones on their cell phones." Period. End of quote. Just set the blasted thing to ring like a normal phone, okay people? Why does it have to play Fur Elise?

I recently picked up the latest "Sixpence None the Richer" CD, and on the packaging were instructions for how to make your cell phone ring out their ubiquitous smash hit "Kiss Me."

I'm hoping nobody actually takes 'em up on this offer.


At 12:48 AM, Blogger Abigail Brayden said...

Um, I, uh, like Fur Elise. It's one of my favorite classical pieces actually.'s what plays when my mom calls :)

I use my ring tones to tell me who's calling when the phone is in the other room. However, can I redeem myself by saying that when I'm out and about with other people my phone is almost always on vibrate? That way, no one knows what song is supposed to play!

And for the partriotic, Stars & Stripes is my default ringer :)


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