Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Blogkeeping stuff

Okay, so I finally changed the "Mp3 of the Week" which turned into the "Mp3 of the Month," but hey, it was Don Chaffer of Waterdeep, and how can you go wrong?

I've actually been listening to a lot of Waterdeep lately, and even purchased Sink or Swim as a download from their online store, and it's spent more time in my car's CD player than any other CD in recent memory. I think I blunted the laser playing "And" over and over until I figured out the meaning of the title. Besides that, it's a lovely song. And so is "Lonely Sometimes" and "18 Bullet Holes." The entire album is worth purchasing if only for these three songs. But you can download single songs at their website, too.

But the new "Mp3 of the Week" is "Summertime" by Mae. Actually, that link takes you to a page with about four downloads on it, so go and partake.

I also added a few blogs to the blogroll.

First, there's "Hook and Crook" by a friend who is crazy into crocheting. Plus she links to me, so she's obviously got good taste in blogs.

Then we've got "Nehring the Edge," a fellow Badger Stater who brings us movie reviews and nothin' but. But I like his take, even if he didn't care for "Sky Captain." C'mon, sometimes you just have to let art wash over you.

I also added blogs by Mark Lee of Third Day and Jeremy Thiessen of Downhere. Go, read, and support those rock stars.


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