Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Still a lot of clean-up around here due to being AFB (away from blog) for 18 months. I think I've weeded out all the dead blogs from the blogroll, leaving a few "mostly dead" in the hopes that they'll resurrect at some point. At some point I'll probably weed out more and add new ones.

As I try to reconnect with the blogosphere I'm finding that a lot of the blogs I used to enjoy are now slow to load, (probably because they're) cluttered with ads, (and as a result are) poorly laid out, and have a high noise-to-signal ratio (due to ads and other crap) making them very difficult to read.

Folks: Less is more.

Are you really making anything off those ads you have cluttering up your site? Or do you put them up there in the vain hope that someday, someday your blog will be a cash cow?

I think many formerly excellent blogs are coasting on reputation now. The standard for excellence seems to be dropping. (Not that I'm helping any.)

Also, folks: sans serif for screen; serif for print. That's the standard rule. Break it at your own peril.

(Man, what got into me all of a sudden?)


At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Doug Williams said...

You will be happy to find my blog still unsullied by dirty ads, largely because I'd feel silly putting them there for the pittance they might possibly bring in.

And never having previously acquired a reputation, it's impossible for me to coast on one.

I was worried this was a sign of being "the same old crap." Now I see I've been "keepin' it pure." And I didn't have to do anything to achieve it! Cool!

At 7:37 PM, Blogger Drew said...

Heh. Now that I read it over, I think I was being a bit grumpy. No idea where that came from. Must be this cold the kids gave me. :-)


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