Sunday, October 31, 2004

More Robo-calls.

Okay, just had our first robo-call of the day. It was Franklin Graham. That was a surprise. Graham was urging us to vote, but now that I think about it, I don't think he offered any suggestions about who to vote for. He said something about the importance of this election in terms of issues that affect the family, but he didn't tell us to vote for any specific candidate. The tag, of course, said "paid for by the Republican National Committee," just in case there was doubt about the implications of what Graham was saying. Still, that's the first robo-call I've had that didn't mention one candidate or the other.

Whoops, the phone's ringing again.

This time it's Bart Starr. This robo-call is really timely, because the recording mentions today's Packer victory over the Redskins. Starr continues to urge us to vote for the "Republican team," but not Bush specifically. The tag said this call was paid for by the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Who's going to call next? I'm giddy with anticipation!


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