Saturday, October 30, 2004

The ringing won't stop!

Oh, the phone's a-ringin' off the hook today with robo-calls galore soliciting my vote. Plus a couple real live callers--one for each campaign. The Republican lady I spoke with was happy and enthusiastic about Bush taking both Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The woman who called on behalf of the Democrats was not so enthusiastic. After I announced that I was certainly not going to vote for any Democrats I asked her, with mock incredulity, why she would be voting for them. (I was hoping to do a little GOP evangelism.)

"To be honest," she said, "I'm a Republican."

"You are? But . . . you're making calls for the Democratic party!"

"To get through college I'm working for a telemarketing firm in Minneapolis, and we've been hired to make these calls."

Well, that's gotta suck. I asked her if she's considered slightly altering her phone pitch when she makes the calls, and promoting the GOP instead. "Are your bosses monitoring everything you say?" I asked.

"No," she said. "I suppose I could do that."

Then she added, "But they are paying me $11.00 an hour."

I wished her good luck and have a nice day and all that. Poor kid. Forced to take a job promoting Democrats just so she can go to school. It must be Bush's fault, somehow.

My wife's sister is going to babysit, so it's off to dinner and a movie tonight. First time in quite a while. I even let my wife pick the movie! (What a guy, eh?)


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