Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Thanks guys!

The most daunting thing about diving into the blogosphere (or doing a cannonball, pick your favorite metaphor) is that everything online moves so fast that, as the old saying goes, "the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get."

I've quickly developed the habit of sending myself a brief e-mail from work with a short phrase or a few sentences describing what I want to blog about when I get home. Except for the DNC-SPAM I got today from Bill Clinton (which seems to crash Eudora when I open it) everything else in my in-box was from me. I sent myself fifteen notes--all different subjects to write about. Add this to the three I never got to yesterday. Forget trying to keep up with the rest of the blogosphere--I can't even keep up with myself!

Before I go any further, though, I must send a sincere thanks to Rick Brady at Stones Cry Out for plugging Darn Floor and blogrolling me, which has resulted in Darn Floor being plugged and blogrolled elsewhere. Thanks also to Dan at County Trunk T and Hunterbyrd. And thanks also to anyone else who's been directing traffic my way, but whom I haven't discovered yet. I assume this is all because I submitted an entry to Hugh Hewitt's last symposium, so a great big thanks to Hugh as well. It's all a bit humbling.

When I created this blog, I put a bunch of links on the side to the blogs I read most often, but I see I may have to give the blogroll a major overhaul, because in the last few days I've discovered a number of new-to-me blogs that I think are worth mentioning.

I thought I'd take my time and ease into the blogosphere, but already I find myself wanting to add Sitemeter and some kind of trackback function. If someone wants to send me a note, patiently explaining with great detail how I add Sitemeter to this blog, I would sure appreciate it.

Anyway, thanks guys. And thanks to everyone else who's stopped by. I'm humbled that anyone would find what I have to say worth their time to read.

Guys, I only started this blog last FRIDAY!


At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drew - For what it's worth, a friend emailed an observation/question about the continuing Kerry-Edwards draft talk. I thought Stones Cry Out had something, so I went there and found his link to you. I thought your post was good and emailed my friend the link. Then I ended up reading all your posts. Spending this much time at a new-to-me blog is out of the's not like I don't already spend entirely too much time reading blogs. Anyway, since your style and what you've written so far kept me around, I'd say keep it up!

Randy (a former Wisconsinite near Rochester, MN)


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