Monday, November 08, 2004

The Happiest Man in America!

NE Republican, like many bloggers, has compiled a list of winners and losers in the 2004 election.

For example, here are a few "winners":

Vietnam Veterans - 33 years after John Kerry trashed their reputations, they rose up to defend America once again.

Citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan
- The citizens of these countries now know that America will stand by their side in their fight for freedom. Hopefully other countries will get that chance too

And of course:

Bloggers - Bloggers played a role in this election by policing the mainstream media. Without bloggers, the fake documents broadcast by CBS would never had been discredited. Bloggers also shot down the bogus explosives story at the end of the campaign.

And here are a few "losers":

Mainstream Media - The press did everything it could to unseat President Bush. With fair treatment he would probably have won in a landslide. CBS and the NY Times have now been thoroughly discredited as house organs of the Democratic party. They should be forced to register as 527's.

Democratic Party - A party in complete disarray that needs to do some serious soul searching. Terry McAuliffe has been the best thing for the GOP since sliced bread!

But I must quibble about this loser:

Hollywood/Michael Moore - America could care less what you think about politics. Shut up and act or sing or whatever it is you do to get paid ridiculous amounts of money. Michael Moore goes back to being a third rate director with no real influence. I'll help start a fund drive to assist him in his move to Canada if he wants!

I've seen similar lists on other websites, and like NE Republican, they all put Michael Moore in the losers category.

With all due respect to Mr. N.E. and the rest, are you kidding?

Whatever else he is (and I can think of a lot of words and phrases--none of them very nice), Michael Moore is first and foremost a capitalist who made millions off George Bush. He rode the hate-wave to world-wide fame because George Bush was President for the last four years. Had George Bush been defeated, Michael Moore's chief source of income would dry up. There's money to be made from hate, and now that George Bush will be in the White House for four more years, the hate can continue.

Michael Moore may be one of the happiest men in America today, because he can now spend four more years making money from the "Bush = Hitler" crowd. And like the good little puppies they are, they'll lap up whatever kool-aid he puts into their dog dishes.

If Kerry had won, the shelf-life of "Fahrenheit 9/11" would drop to nil. Who would care anymore? Michael Moore acts cranky now, but it might just be to show solidarity with his audience. I suspect he's already realized that he gets four more years to rake in the cash. He probably breathed a sigh of relief when Kerry conceded.

I must put Maureen Dowd into the "Winners" category also. Does anyone think she would have had as many sales if her recent book was just a collection of random columns instead of a collection of Bush-hating columns?

In fact, the whole Bush-hatred publishing industry just got a shot in the arm. Had Bush lost, all those anti-Bush books that have been competing for shelf space at our local Borders would quickly end up in the remaindered rack or shuffled over to the "Everything for a Dollar" store. But now they can remain cluttering up the "Non-Fiction" shelves. (And so they have, if yesterday's trip to Borders is any indication.)

Unfortunately, the freshness date for "Unfit for Command" just expired. Which is a shame. It could be a vital tool in helping remove Kerry from his Senate seat.

UPDATE: Ann Althouse says her Borders store has been transformed into a . . . a bookstore again. I'll have to go back to mine and check, but this past weekend the Bush-bashing books were still front and center.


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