Friday, November 26, 2004

Resume Winter

Up here in the Northland, it seems summer is the anomally; winter is the status quo. Though we did have a brief snow flurry over a month ago, we never had another--until last night. And now it feels like winter is going to resume its hold on us after granting us a few months' reprieve.

About three weeks ago we had a fantastic late-fall weekend. Warm enough on Saturday the 6th that I took my last lengthy bike ride of the season; and still warm enough on Sunday that I mowed the lawn one last time. The weekend culminated in one of the best displays of the Northern Lights I've seen in a few years. Three years to be exact. Click here to see some pictures taken of the aurora on November 5th, 2001. That one may have been the best display I've ever seen.

Even though we've had some cold days since then, we haven't had a hint of snow. But yesterday up north--Thanksgiving--the snow began to fall. Just a dusting last night. Heavier today. And though it didn't accumulate much, it did make driving hazardous. So we took our time driving back home today. The temperature rose slightly above freezing, and hardly any was left when we got home (instead, it turned to rain) but it reminded me that I want to make sure the snowblower is ready to go, because it'll be back. Winter has resumed.

Winter has resumed, and Christmas shopping will commence. It always takes a good snowfall to get me into the Christmas mood. Because I was a bit buoyant from today's snow, I even ventured out to the shopping centers on the day after Thanksgiving (which I would normally never do) in search of some Christmas presents. Didn't buy anything except some candles we needed for the fireplace candelabra.

We're not really sure about putting up a Christmas tree this year. As much as we'd like to, we know that Lid would probably try to climb it or would chew on the wires for the lights. But I'll string up some lights outside so that we don't look like complete Scrooges.

And now I think I'll make a cup of coffee (decaf), light the fireplace candles, and settle in with a good book.


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