Thursday, December 23, 2004

Lynne Cheney loves bloggers

It's nice to know that Lynne Cheney loves reading blogs, as she said on "Hardball" the other night. (Campbell Brown was guest-hosting, so Mrs. Cheney was allowed to finish her sentences.)
Brown: What do you make of the evolution of the blogs?

Cheney: "I think it is quite wonderful. It is a real democratization of information so that people don't have to rely on one or two sources. They've got multiple sources. You know, I can tell in about two minutes, on a blog, whether this is someone whose opinion I value or not. You know. You know, in a conversation when you are talking with someone who is bright and well-informed, and I can do that same thing when I am looking at blogs on the internet.

Brown: You have got to have a favorite?

Cheney: "I have a lot of blogs that I read."

Brown: "What are they?"

Cheney: "Oh I love Hugh Hewitt, I think he's terrific. I love Powerline. I read Instapundit, and, I don't know, does RealClearPolitics constitute a blog? I certainly looked at it a lot during the campaign. It was a wonderful source and remains a wonderful source of articles that are being written in many places."

Hey, if she's read Hewitt, there's a distinct possibility that she's clicked through to Darn Floor!

(For those keeping track, Brown said "Happy Holidays" to Mrs. Cheney. She gave him a "Merry Christmas.")


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