Monday, December 06, 2004

Ebeneezer Dowd

The trials of this past week have brought The Anchoress's rhetorical powers into sharp focus in this Christmas Letter to Maureen Dowd.
You are fearless in your fuming distaste for the season. Scrooge was fearless, too. He scathingly remarked that there was "more gravy than grave" about his first spectral visitor, Mr. Marley, but finally acquiesced to his partner’s truth. You dare to mock the sweet sentimentality of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” but surrender nothing to the truths contained therein. And this is where I believe you part ways from Mr. Scrooge, and where I begin to fear that while the curmudgeonly old miser was capable of conversion, redemption may be beyond your ken.

Savor the whole thing. Then say a prayer for The Anchoress's brother S, and the whole family.


At 8:11 PM, Blogger Sue Bob said...

I think that I feel sorry for Maureen Dowd--she's a spinster like me and the Christmas season is hard for us. The post by The Anchoress is quite helpful to me. I'm going to pray for Ms. Dowd because I relate to her unhappiness (my theory is that it comes from choosing to listen to a load of feminist crap being unloaded when Mo and I were young) and I think that her column might be a cry for help.


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