Sunday, December 05, 2004

Idiots making a liar out of me.

One of the local tv stations, WEAU, has a Hmong language news program that airs at 10:30 am, Sunday mornings. The show began broadcasting a week before the shooting incident in Sawyer county in which a Hmong hunter killed six other hunters.

According to a friend of mine who works at WEAU, the week following the incident, the station had about a dozen calls complaining about the program. No one called to complain the first week it aired.

Idiots. Iditos for being racists and for making a liar out of me when I said I didn't think there was much racial tension up here. Thanks for proving me wrong. (Granted, I don't know who called or how representative they are, or where they were calling from.)

On the other hand, Sunday mornings are typically a hard time slot to sell to potential advertisers. But since the Hmong news program started, many local businesses have shown a lot of interest in advertising in that time period. (Or is that just a cynical attempt to increase revenue? And am I being cynical for suggesting it?)

And how's this for cultural misunderstanding? My brother reports that on Michael Savage's radio show, they've been talking about how there must be some sort of cover up in the Sawyer county shootings. A cover up? How could there be a cover up? Chai Vang admits to shooting eight hunters, killing six of them, some of whom he chased down and shot as they fled. What could possibly be covered up? My brother tells me a NYPD detective called into the program and said that it must be drug-related. Why else would a Hmong be out in the middle of the Wisconsin woods?

(Deep, pained sigh.)

They live here, dummy! They like to hunt. They like the outdoors. They like this region of the country because it's similar to where they lived in Laos.

Ignorant blue-stater. Read this and educate yourself.


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