Wednesday, December 22, 2004

First-hand account of the attack at Mosul

Brad Lewis, a chaplain serving in Iraq, provides this first-hand account of the aftermath of the attack at Mosul. We've now learned that it was not a rocket attack at all, but rather a suicide bomber. As election day approaches in Iraq, we should probably expect more of this sort of thing as the terrorists grow more desperate, seeing their desire for control slipping away.

But that doesn't these incidents any less sobering.
It's called a MASCAL or Mass Casualty event and it's where the rubber meets the road in military ministry. They said there were approximately 10 casualties. That was the extent of it so I kind of filed it away in the back of my mind and continued to sip my coffee. The next report wasn't so good. 10 dead and approximately 50 wounded. They were being transported to the Combat Surgical Hospital down the street. The Chaplain at the CSH is a good guy and I knew he'd be in need of help so I woke my assistant and we rushed to the hospital. I didn't expect what I saw.

The scene was little more than controlled chaos. Helicopters landing, people shouting, wounded screaming, bodies everywhere. As the staff began to triage the dead and wounded I found the chaplain and offered my assistance. He directed me to where he needed me and I dove in.


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