Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The great divide

(Hat tip: Dummocrats) Forget the political Red State/Blue State divide for a moment. Here's a different sort of national division that affects every one of us on a daily basis. This map gives a county-by-county breakdown of the places where they call soft drinks "pop" and the places where they call it "soda." (Apparently in a large portion of the south, all soft drinks are called "Coke," which is just . . . bizarre and illogical.)

I grew up in a "pop" county, and went to college in a "pop" county. But most of my close friends in college were from the yellow half of Wisconsin, and before I realized it was happening, I'd made the switch to calling it "soda." I still do to this day.

I can find no correlation between Red/Blue election maps and this "soft drink map," except perhaps that the Bush states are "Coke" states, and Kerry states are "Soda" states. And then there are the "Pop" states who harbor a whole range of political opinions.

I'd really like to know about those green counties. What other words for soft drinks do they use?

And what's the deal with St. Louis?


At 12:09 AM, Blogger Jib said...

Mrs. Jib and I were a star crossed match. She said soda, and I said pop (I also said water fountain, and she said bubbler). We worked out an agreement that she's say pop on my home turf of the Chippewa Valley, and I'd say soda in her home turf of the Milwaukee area. Now that I live in Southern Wisconsin, I try not to talk about sweetened, flavored, carbonated beverages because I invariably say soda. And I hate myself for doing so.


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