Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Hunters Memorial

Jib returns from exile with a link to this. It's a website set up as a memorial to the 6 hunters from Rice Lake who were murdered in Sawyer County. I've read far too many commentators like this one who are playing "blame the victims," and news accounts that related Vang's testimony of being shot at first as being what really happened. I've run across too many comments on blogs that simply assume that all Wisconsin hunters are racist rednecks. And then I've also been saddened to find out how locals are behaving toward the Hmong as a result of the incident.

On the memorial website, one of the family members addresses these issues.
I believe that what we would like everyone to know is that we do not hold the Hmong community responsible for this act. As any senseless act from any race, they did not pull the trigger. I would like to ask that anyone who is trying to make this a racial issue either white or minority would please stop this and know that is a dishonor to all of our loved ones to continue these acts of prejudice. If you are not of Native American blood, we are all immigrants. Please be sympathetic that the Hmong community who is also saddened by all of this. Please pray for ALL of our healing and God Bless!

I grew up in the area where the shootings took place, and the statement above is, I feel, very representative of the people of Northern Wisconsin.


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