Monday, December 13, 2004

Mullet vs. Mullet

We were too busy last night to watch the Survivor finale, but sat through the whole three hours tonight. In the end it came down to Mullet vs. Mullet, and though He-Mullet won, the one-hour post-mortem show was mostly about She-Mullet.

That's how it always seems to turn out with this show. The winner is chosen, and then everyone talks about the runner-up.

But yes, we're still watching Survivor; aren't we pathetic? It's still the only "reality" show I can stomach, and I justify it to myself by calling it a "game show" rather than a reality show.

So next up is Survivor: Palau. Interestingly, the preview focused on how the war in the Pacific affected the islands, with images of rusted tanks and sunken wrecks of airplanes. I liked the way they focused on the legacy of piracy for Survivor: Pearl Islands. It will be interesting to see if they give the next installment of Survivor a WWII twist.


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