Sunday, January 16, 2005

Is Wisconsin Already a Red State?

Owen at "Boots & Sabers" has an excellent post on the Milwaukee Voter Fraud story and why it matters. Though it's certainly not going to change the outcome of the election -- John Kerry allegedly won in Wisconsin by 11,000 votes -- there may have been as many as 36,000 fraudulent votes cast in Milwaukee.

In the City of Milwaukee, there were 198, 907 votes cast for Kerry/Edwards and 75,746 votes cast for Bush/Cheney. As you can see, the City of Milwaukee came out strong for Kerry/Edwards.

So what we have is an instance where there were an abnormal number of election day registrations were filed for which the voters can not be verified in a city that voted overwhelming for the Democratic candidate. In addition, the number of voters in question far exceeds the margin of victory of the Democratic candidate. There is a strong indication that some massive voter fraud took place in Milwaukee. Although it appears that the Dems may have won Wisconsin through fraud, thank goodness it did not change the outcome of the race.

I have predicted that given current trends, Wisconsin will likely be a red state in 2008, but Wisconsin may already be a red state.

More: Sean's got a good round-up of links and info here, as does Patrick here.


At 12:23 AM, Blogger Mary Eileen said...

Hi! Found you via Brainpost, via Badger Blog Alliance, via a tip from one of my Minnesota readers -- at least, I think that was the trail. Am so happy to find all these Wisconsin (conversative) blogs. I also posted a bit about the voter fraud issue: Stand in the Trenches

Loved your "Why Darn Floor" post. "Darn floor, bad bite" indeed. And so true about our paltry words trying to describe God.


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