Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The internet brings people together

Football Fans for Truth (hey, wait . . . they're not "Football Fans and Beyond" anymore? When did that happen?) points to proof that where two or three fans of something are gathered together, there a webpage will be in their midst. I mean, how many members could the Poseidon Adventure Fan Club actually have?

Okay, the truth is I was deeply affected (damaged, more likely) by all the disaster movies I saw in the 70s. Where some people blame their nightmares on horror movies or slasher flicks, mine are rooted in "The Towering Inferno" or "Earthquake" (in Sensurround!) or one of the assorted "Airport" movies. But "The Poseidon Adventure" really spurred my imagination. I remember reenacting the movie with a Fisher-Price Little People Village, flipping it upside down and forcing all the wooden peg-people who were stuck on the ceilings of their plastic businesses to escape doom -- somehow.

Whoa . . . sudden flashback. I now have "There's got to be a morning after" running through my head.


At 12:58 PM, Blogger Sue Bob said...

Yeah Drew. Thanks a lot. It's running in my head now.


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