Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Ahem. Who among us does not love good satire?

M@ at Manifest Content imagines what a John Kerry stump speech might sound like if he actually ran on his unimpressive Senate record.

My faith carried me through a war, but my deeds have carried me through the Congress. I have passed 11 bills in the Senate, and one or two have even been signed in to law by a president. Also I claim 24 resolutions that don't carry the force of law, but which I assure you were forceful resolutions that carry the force of the heart and soul of this country, such as S.Res.123: To change the name of the Committee on Small Business to the "Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship. And then there was S.Res.216: Honoring Milton D. Stewart for his leadership and service at the Small Business Administration. Ahem. They won't tell you, but I will.

Read the whole thing. Share and enjoy.


At 4:29 AM, Blogger M@ said...

Hey, thanks for the link :D I'm sure someone else has done this before I did, but it was fun to write. Thanks again...



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