Saturday, November 27, 2004

Eight-legged freaks

I'm glad it's winter, or I might be tempted to try this: (Hat tip: Abigail Brayden)

If you have a backyard and a flashlight, and it's dark, go do this right now.

Hold the flashlight right next to your eyes and shine the beam in front of you as you walk around the yard. If you see a tiny reflecting dot, like a dewdrop, walk towards it with the light shined on it. It is the reflection of a spider's eyes, and you can walk right up to the spider.

You can find spiders from 30 feet away with this technique. I did it tonight and found spiders all over the yard.

Geez! The very thought makes my skin crawl! I'll try to keep this in mind when summer rolls around again, but it's winter here, so the spiders have all moved inside.

. . .

Okay . . . why did I write that? Now I'm going to be walking around the house in the dark tonight with a flashlight.


At 2:26 PM, Blogger lima said...

Interesting suggestion! Not that I like apiders very much, but I may try that sometime, anyway!
Enjoyed your blog! Congrats!

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