Monday, November 01, 2004

Even More Robo-calls

Today's first robo-call was from Caroline Kennedy, reminding us that her father won in 1960 by a very small margin. He probably didn't really win at all, but Nixon never challenged it, putting the good of the nation ahead of his political ambition for a time. If only Al Gore had half the scruples of Richard Nixon . . . [sigh] . . . but I digress . . .

The second robo-call was from the Big Dubya himself! (Why am I suddenly thinking of "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World"?)

But back to Caroline. Obviously Kennedy is the nearest thing the Democrats have to a patron saint, but realistically, JFK and J(Faux)K have very little in common. If JFK Democrats really stopped and thought about it, they'd probably be Reagan Republicans. (J(Faux)K, of course, actually has the audacity to compare himself to Reagan, and even has Ron Reagan, Jr. prancing about on his behalf as if that actually means something.)

I'm thinking that after the election, we need to start up a massive PR campaign with the intention of revealing how the Democratic party has changed over time. Far too many people vote Democrat because they've always voted Democrat, or because their families always voted Democrat, or they assume that Democrats are the party of the common man, or the party of the immigrant, or the party of the minorities, or the party of the working man, or any number of no-longer-valid reasons.

We need a PR campaign in a non-election year (when there isn't any counter-spin) to shake these people free from their assumptions so that when an election year does come around again, half our work is already done for us.

If we can do this right, then we can ensure that the Democratic party is confined to the fringes where they now belong.


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