Monday, January 17, 2005

MP3 of the Week -- #1

This week's "MP3 of the Week" is the Lost Dogs' "Ghost Train to Nowhere."

The Lost Dogs, for those unfamiliar with them, comprise four musicians more familiar for their work in other bands: Terry Taylor from Daniel Amos, Mike Roe from the Seventy-Sevens, Derri Daugherty from The Choir, and for the first four albums, the late, lamented Gene Eugene from the late, lamented Adam Again. These four talents combined to form the Lost Dogs, a strange mix of rootsy Americana and acoustic alternative.

"Ghost Train to Nowhere" is the lead-off track from their fourth CD, "Gift Horse" (2000). It's a dour and haunting (but not unpleasant) little number about damned souls on their way to hell, and I guess, a strange song for me to pick as my first MP3 of the week. It's also a strange song to lead off the CD, given that there are more upbeat and positive songs on "Gift Horse" including one of my wife's favorites, "Ditto," a weirdly backhanded love song.

But in many ways, "Ghost Train to Nowhere" is a typical Dogs song. Terry Taylor has been warning about eternal damnation since the early days of Daniel Amos, and the mournful quality has been a Dogs hallmark since their first album, "Scenic Routes."

"Gift Horse" also marks a turning point for the band. This was Gene Eugene's last contribution to the Lost Dogs, and with his passing, the band seems to have lost its alternative edge. The last two Dogs albums -- "Real Men Cry" and "Nazarene Crying Towel" -- seemed to have gotten lost in the rootsy Americana and traditional country sound.

The three Dogs albums that preceded it are long out of print, but as the link shows, "Gift Horse" is still available at If I were you, I'd buy it now while you still can.

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