Monday, May 02, 2005

Two Toddlers, Six Projects

It's two-toddler night here at Stately Darn Floor manor; meaning that once again we are watching my wife's sister's kid while she attends a night class. So it goes, Mon thru Wed, for the next three weeks. Lid and Em were born 6 days apart. I suppose this means they'll be best of friends some day. Right now they're rivals for my wife's attentions. And at the moment I can hear them both upstairs whining in unison about some toddler-level injustice.

And I'm feeling like a rat for being down in my "office" while chaos reigns upstairs.

But not only is it two-toddler night, it's six-project week, and that means that as soon as I punch out at my day job, I punch in at my night job.

(Yes, I'm taking a small break, but project #1 pays by the job, not the hour.)


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