Thursday, October 21, 2004

Thursday Night Lite

I'd hoped to write a bit more this evening, but spent far too long fussing with Eudora and my internet provider. I'd created a new e-mail account that I wanted to dedicate to correspondence relating to this blog, but for some strange reason Eudora 5 (OS X) will not retrieve it, while Eudora 6 (OS 9) will. But both versions of the software use the same settings.

Not only that, but Eudora 5 has no trouble retrieving mail at other e-mail addresses on the same account. So there is simply no logical reason I can't get it to work. Though I can switch back and forth between OS X and OS 9, I'd much rather stay in OS X for blogging.

Messing around with that took far too much time. Then, on Thursday nights we watch my sister-in-law's baby for a few hours while she's at her night class. We, of course, have a baby of our own. Both babies are ten months old, having been born only six days apart. Both are very active right now, wanting to crawl into, over, and through everything. Both start to crash and get whiny at about the same time. This gives us a small taste of what it must be like to have twins.

So how about a brief roundup of recent stuff I would have commented on if I'd had the time:

Frank is ready for the election to be over.

Michelle gets ornery about the Peacenik Photoapologies for Iraq.

Aaron writes about forced community service, which is a subject I want to touch on also, given John Kerry's secret plan mandating it. Aaron! Write more!

Matt brings up the subject of Crunchy Conservatism--another topic I want to examine more fully, connecting it to the post-Boomer/pre-Gen-Xer generation, of which I am a part.

Hunterbyrd tracks down the piece I heard Rush Limbaugh read yesterday. I rarely listen to Limbaugh, but happened to tune him in while driving home for lunch, and caught a small portion of the show where he was reading this ad copy. Quite good!

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