Monday, January 17, 2005

Quick Clicks for Monday Night

Dan at Scofflaw's Subsidy shows how the "Count Me Blue" wristband promoters failed to do their research. Oops. How embarassing!

Ann Althouse watches the Golden Globes so we don't have to. I don't think I've watched an awards show in at least two decades, though I wish I'd seen William Shatner win for Best Supporting Actor, just so I could see his reaction. I don't care what role he's playing, he'll always be Captain Kirk. I see this award as an overdue acknowledgment for his work on Star Trek.

Doug watches Meet the Press so we don't have to. Actually, I'm glad I didn't, or I might have ended up throwing things at the television.

Carol Platt Liebau wonders why there aren't any conservatives on AOL's list of ten up-and-coming civil rights leaders.

On MLK's birthday, it's worth mentioning that what's known today as the "civil rights movement" is a far cry from the American heroes who initiated it several decades ago. Today, the overwhelming majority of the "civil rights lobby" has become little more than a sclerotic, bloated liberal adjunct of the Democratic party. Is there anyone who really thinks that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are genuine "civil rights leaders" -- rather than simply shake down artists and self promoters of the first order?

Points are awarded for the use of the word "sclerotic."

Jeff Larkin notes that John Kerry is in full campaign mode again, and complaining about the Ohio election which he decided not to contest before he decided to contest it. I wonder if he'll have anything to say about election fraud in Wisconsin, where the margin of victory was far closer than in Ohio, and where it's quite likely he didn't win. Nah, that would require "integrity, integrity, integrity."

Rick at "Stones Cry Out" is holding a design contest for a header for the next generation of "Stones Cry Out." Enter today or check out the submitted designs. It's going to be a difficult choice.

And lastly, Bigwig reports on how lefty bloggers are busy tearing each other to pieces. Is anyone surprised? Check out the tone of the top lefty blogs and compare it to the tone of the top conservative blogs. Now tell me who you'd rather have babysitting your children? Kos or Captain Ed?


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