Monday, November 01, 2004

An inept campaign / Last-minute jitters

I've been stating all along that John Kerry has been running the most inept campaign that modern times have ever witnessed.

I haven't seen Chris Lynch's Kerry Campaign timeline since late August. At that time he was cataloging a month of missteps by the Kerry Campaign. He's added to it since then. (Hat tip: Betsy's Page)

Given the way the campaign has been run, there's no reason the race should be so close. Fox news reports John Kerry with a two-point lead in their most recent poll, and I'm nervous.

Yeah, I know . . . Hawaii's in play and Minnesota's turning red and all that, but I'm still nervous. It's been sixteen years since I woke up the day after election day and felt good. In 1992 I tried to tell myself that the polls didn't mean anything, and that President G. H. W. Bush's invisible support would materialize on election day. In 1996 I was certain that the left-leaning polls were underestimating Dole's support. And in 2000 the clean victory I'd hoped for was ruined by the ugliness of the Florida fiasco. Even though Bush won, the nastiness of the days after the election left a sour taste in my mouth.

I want a clean Republican victory this time. I don't want the lunatic left, the lying, cheating Democrats and their enablers in the mainstream media to think that their low-road tactics will gain them anything.

If Kerry wins, our enemies across the globe will be celebrating. Osama will believe that he's just influenced an American election. In France they'll congratulate themselves on Bush's defeat. Across the middle east, terrorists will revel in victory, and then continue their attacks on Iraq's fledgling democracy, assured that a President Kerry won't hamper their plans for setting up a new facist state.

I just want a clean Republican victory. Just once in 16 years. I don't think that's asking too much, is it?


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